Women Who Date Men That Are Not As Successful

Women Who Date Men That Are Not As Successful

Women Who Date Men That Are Not As Successful

I believe it was 2009 when the medical schools in this country finally started graduating more female doctors than male doctors. I think this same trend is hitting the dating world where women who date men that are not as successful as they are. Women are gaining status and respect in the business world as well and men who want to date them need to accept this fact.

Should a woman play down her intelligence and abilities just to appease a man’s ego? I don’t think so. If she has worked hard and made sacrifices to get where she is today in her career she should be able to reap the rewards and benefits of that effort and not be expected to play dumb when she gets home from work.

Not every man out there is going to be able to adjust to women who date men that are not as successful either. It may take quite a while for the woman to find someone who can adjust. If the guy makes this a big issue it will ruin any chance the relationship has of continuing.

A smart woman may be able to let the man do the courting the way he wants to with out starting to throw her money around right away. He is trying to be romantic and show you he is a good provider, whether he needs to be or not. I think this is an ingrained male aspect that they are all born with. This does not mean you are any less independent this just means you are letting him have his way and letting him feel important and needed. If you are good at this he will never know you are really the one in control.

If your relationship is to go any where do not make him feel like he is less successful than you. There is no need to ‘rub his nose in it’ just because it is so. If the male in a relationship feels secure in his own right then the woman’s success should never be a problem. A problem will arise if he sees himself as the macho man provider and has to be the breadwinner in the family.

If a man does not have respect for himself then he will not be able to have respect for anyone else either. Least of all a woman who makes more money than he does. If you do make more than he does then just match what he makes for the household bills and leave the rest in the bank. He probably will not feel insecure if you do not throw the fact that he is not as successful as you are up in his face.

Let him have his security and just have fun dating. If he makes a big deal about women who date men that are that are not as successful then kick him to the curb and move on to the next.