What is Romance

What is Romance

What is Romance

Everyone knows that part of dating is romance, maybe I am easy to please, but I think have known some pretty romantic men in my hay day. I would love to hear about some of your most romantic experiences. Below, I have listed some of my most romantic experiences to help start things off. Please write to me at jp@international-internet-dating.com and tell me about your most romantic date.

I was once flown to Chicago for a first date that included dinner at the Chicago Chop House, and a trip to Navy Pier. I thought that was very romantic.

I was taken to New York for New Years Eve in Time Square. That trip included dinner at ‘Windows of the World’, which was, of course, before 911. That romantic date will be a special memory that I will always treasure.

I was flown, on a private plane, to Key West for Fantasy Fest. This trip included a stay at the Pier House Resort penthouse, which was incredibly fun, and romantic.

I was treated to a prime rib dinner for two at Bern’s Steak House in Tampa, Florida, which included a tour of the restaurant. The evening was topped off with a special bottle of wine and desert in their famed desert room.

There are more romantic memories, many more, but the memories have faded over time. There are some memories that will never fade; one in particular. I think that the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for me was when a particular someone left a CD, that was special to both of us, with a single red rose on my doorstep. The doorbell rang and when I went to answer it I found my special presents laying there, my heart melted, and all the other romantic things that ever came before diminished in comparison.

The most romantic things to me are the little things, things that have a shared meaning, things that are intimate, and personal. Those are the memories that shine the brightest, and I will cherish them forever; maybe I am just easy to please, or just maybe I recognize what truly comes from the heart.