What Do You Do When Your Online Dating Ad Gets No Response?

What Do You Do When Your Online Dating Ad Gets No Response?

What Do You Do When Your Online Dating Ad Gets No Response?

For most people who would like to be happy with their love life, dating is probably the single most important activity that one should engage in before they proceed on the more serious part like marriage.

If successfully pursued, dating can provide greater gratifications to those who wished they were happier and more contented with their lives. If ever they failed, it is probably the most horrifying event of their lives.

Having a bad hair day, a missed flight, or a burned fried egg, can be endured by most people, but to have a bad date is like living in agony. When love becomes decapitated, life becomes a survival of the losers.

No wonder why everybody is trying hard to come up with something unique and quirkily entertaining when it comes to personal ads. These ads are not the typical ads that people see on televisions or on print medium. Personal ads are more like profiles, though; the main purpose is also to advertise one’s self.

People who vie for personal ads are those who hope that somebody love begets love and that somebody will soon find them amidst the many singles who try their luck in cupid’s daunting game.

So, here goes an individual, with all fingers crossed as she post her personal ad online, trying to find the love of her life and wishing that someday, somebody would soon reply.

Five days, two weeks, 4 months, and still, she does not get a response. The next things she knew, she is already retracting her personal ad, sulk in the corner, and cry. She wails as if the whole world had crumpled on her. She starts to have low self-esteem and begins to blame herself for not being desirable enough to get responses.

What she failed to do is to analyze what went wrong. She failed to look back on her personal ad, identify each part, and evaluate what should have been done right in order to get the response she desperately needed.

The problem with most people, who fails to get responses on their online dating ads, is that they easily get depressed, and once they are depressed, they start to blame their selves and curse whoever managed to come up with an idea such as online dating and personal ads.

This should not be the case because not identifying the real problem or the ultimate cause of such negative results would only mean that the person is not really interested. Or maybe, he or she is interested but is too desperate to have positive results but do not have any idea how to make it happen.

Hence, people should know what to do with their personal ads in order to gain the gratifications they wanted. So, for people who want to have knockout personal ads that are proven to have positive results, here is a list of some tips on making personal ads:

1. People should learn how to describe their selves truthfully and exactly.

When making personal ads, people should take note of the things they should include on their ad. Like copy ads, each details should be made out of the creative juices of the person and constructed into such marvelous description of one’s self. It should include more solid information that will provide the other person, who will view the ad, with a more visualized concept of the person in the ad.

The explanation behind this logical reason is relatively simple. Who would dare try to obtain an item if the buyer does not know what he is paying for? Hence, it goes to show that before somebody replies on one’s personal ad, the other person should feel the enticement in order to compel him or her to respond.

2. It would be better to tell more stories and not reports.

People should always remember that they are writing their personal ads. This means that they should meticulously find some ways on how to make their selves saleable to the viewing public.

It would be better to write some stories about their life and experiences. However, one should take note not to overdo this one as it will appear and sound like a mushy write-up ready to be devoured by some hungry wastebasket.

It is best to write something people can relate to. Persons who would like to have positive results on their ads should know where to draw the line between telling something about their selves and bragging about their selves. They are entirely two different things that derive two different reactions.

Best of all, honesty should always be incorporated in whatever write-up they do.

3. People should never dwell on negative aspects like problems or failed relationships.

Posting personal ads is not about obtaining some help from other people. So, there’s no room for advices or petty counseling sessions. It’s best to create a personal ad that would draw in positive responses by creating positive profiles first.

As they say, once somebody started something negatively, chances are, the negative vibe will stick up to the end.

The key point in writing personal ads is to come up with something that will appear very interesting and attention grabbing.

So, if a person gets no response on his or her ad, there is no use to cry over spilled milk. What matters most is how to start all over again and try again the quest with a nice, enticing personal ad.