Tweaking A Bit: Making Your Online Dating Profile Noticed

Tweaking A Bit: Making Your Online Dating Profile Noticed

Tweaking A Bit: Making Your Online Dating Profile Noticed

Getting responses from online dating sites would depend on how you “advertise” yourself. Your online dating profile would attract your possible matches. Because there are too many member users, getting your profile noticed may be a problem. Whenever you are creating your user profile in any online dating site, honesty should be exercised. Any kind of relationship is always rooted on honesty and trust. An honest profile means you are not changing any personal information just to attract more people.

• Photos

Studies showed that men are more visually-oriented while women would prefer checking the profile description. Photos are important since these will be what people would keep pictured in their mind whenever they are chatting with you. It may not be that important to you but it is definitely important to people who would be viewing your profile.

If you want people to know your special interests like hiking or outdoor trekking then let your photos speak for you. This would let people know something about you immediately and get the attention of those who have similar interests. But avoid posting a picture where users could barely recognize your face compared with the giant tree beside you. Post the most recent one.

• Personal information

You do not have to use your full name, this is an important precaution since a full name and home phone number could be used to trace your home address and other important information. Avoid using names like “nutty” and similar nicks, such names would give a different impression. Don’t just list the good things about you, you do not want to sound “too perfect,” they may mistake you for a scammer. Avoid writing sob stories like recent break-up or bitter previous relationships. Don’t make it too long.

• Caption/headers

Usually, profiles would need something that would catch the eye of the person looking at the database. Nobody wants to read a profile that is shouting with desperation like “I’m begging you to check my profile.” Boring requests like “please check my profile,” is not getting any attention either. Overconfident headings like “I’m the sexiest man ever,” will sure capture interest but will fail to retain it if your photo and personal info do not match. The best thing to do is write a creative heading. You could change it from time to time. Make sure to provide some thought on it, you could even check favourite books if they may have something that would match your personality.

• Check, edit and update

Check your profile. The reason why you may not be getting any messages is that your profile may have incorrect grammar or spelling. Aside from that, you can change or tweak it a bit. Maintain a positive attitude in your profile.

When writing your online dating profile, make sure that it is simple and sincere. Always focus on what you want. Identifying what you want makes it easier for you to write your profile. Besides, knowing your prospect would be able to help you understand who you are and what you want.