The Truth about Russian Dating Services

The Truth about Russian Dating Services

The Truth about Russian Dating Services

More and more foreign men are browsing through internet sites which offer Russian dating services. And it is not surprising why. For them, the Russian woman is the ideal bride – young and attractive, submissive yet confident. But before deciding to browse through these sites and pursue any Russian woman, it is important that you know how these dating services work and exactly what services they offer.

There are basically three types of these websites. The first kind allows you to browse through a catalog or narrow down the choices by searching a particular age or other metric. If there is a particular woman that you are interested in, they then give you the woman’s address or contact number. These free dating sites are what they say they are – absolutely free. Of course, you would need to register and be a member before any information is given out.

Other sites allow the men to initially send a message to the woman for free, but the succeeding correspondences shall be for a certain fee. These are called the free trial sites. The good thing about these sites is that you are able to “test drive” their services before you actually pay for them.

There are these commercial sites where there is no free trial at all. Everything in these sites, whether to download an address or browse through a catalog, is for a fee. The downside of these sites, of course, is the cost. For these sites, take note of the company’s address and contact numbers (if they have) as well as any refunds that they may provide in case you are dissatisfied of their services.

As an added bonus, some sites offer extra services to help their customers understand these Russian women better. They post articles about Russian culture and language. They also send newsletters, updates and all other information that would help sustain the relationship of the foreign male and Russian woman.

One word of caution though. Some internet sites which appear to be legitimate websites may be sources of internet fraud. At first, things would seem to go well. You made a couple of payments just so you can send an email and read her reply. You also paid just to get her phone number. But after a few emails and phone calls, the girl “disappears.” The problem is, you don’t have her address, and you can no longer contact her using the number that she gave you. This means that all the work and money that you invested have gone to waste.

Be wary of sites that ask for your personal information like address and credit card number. If there is a particular website that you like, check if there are complaints or negative feedback from former customers. If you feel that you are not getting your money’s worth, stop doing business with them. These Russian women are generally sincere in their desire to make friends or have a relationship with you, so if your gut tells you otherwise, then maybe it’s a scam.

Russian dating services are widely available in the internet. The key is to choose well. While some sites may be there to help you, others only want your money without giving any “service” at all. On your part, make sure that you join these websites for good intentions only.