Single Parents and Dating: How To Mingle

Single Parents and Dating: How To Mingle

´╗┐Single Parents and Dating: How To Mingle

Single parenting doesn’t have to be such a drag on your social life. When your kids are old enough to understand, you can probably start on the dating scene once again. But, hey, it all really depends on you when you think you’re ready to begin mingling with new people once more.

If you have been avoiding some singles activities because you call them ‘meat markets’, you might want to consider going with your own plan. You can take along your own close-knit group. You can go out and just practice flirting. Or you can enjoy an evening’s worth of superficial meetings at a bar.

In short, when you have follow your own agenda, you can always enjoy mingling with other singles whether or not you meet someone special.

Singles Activities

Almost every community has a singles scene. Whether you live in small town or a metropolis, you’re likely to find activities for singles at churches. You don’t really need to have any kind of strong religious convictions, as most of their activities are organized around nonreligious events.

Groups likes YMHA, YMCA and YWCA also have programs for singles. You are also likely to meet people like you in professional organizations, or writing group, or a theatre company. To simplify things, singles, or even single parents, are everywhere. You just have to know where and how to look for them.

Here are some alternative ways to find the singles scene in your community:

– Check local newspapers and magazines for listings of singles organizations and groups. There is no rule against joining groups just to meet other people, so go ahead and sign up for something that interests you.

– Try some singles bars or nightclubs. If you’re a bit courageous, you can go alone. But for starters, you might want to go in a group.

– Do things you’ve never done before. Develop new interests and venture into novel activities. Who knows, you might be able to meet someone interesting at the oddest of places.

To find out about groups in your area that share your interest, check the listings in your local papers. Sundays and Fridays are usually packed with information about singles events.

The larger the city, the easier it will be for your to find local resources. But wherever you are, you are likely to find clubs and organizations that are meant for people of wide-ranging interests. There are gourmet coulbs for singles, supermarkets for singles, lectures and discussions centered on singles… the possibilities and opportunities are endless!

So what are you waiting for? Get your groove and get back on the social scene. Being a single parent is not a curse, nor should it deprive you from enjoying life. You never know, love could be just around the corner.