Relationships And Men Dating

Relationships And Men Dating

Relationships And Men Dating

As a guy, dating can be hard. We are raised in a society where to be a man requires us to keep our emotions in check and to be the foundation for any relationship. This often leads to a lot of men having trouble expressing themselves properly. The key to all good relationships is expressing oneself and proper communication.

Because of this upbringing, it can be difficult for women to get a read on you. You may come off as heartless and insensitive to them, but in reality you are just trying to protect yourself from emotional hardships. On the flip side you could seem very charismatic and go on a lot of dates, but ultimately still feel lonely because you can not find the woman that you love.

These problems can make dating quite the problem for a lot of men, so it is no surprise why they go looking for ways to get past them. While there are a lot of tips and tricks you can try, it is also wise to try to stick to the basics as well.

1. It would be easier in all relationships if we could just be ourselves and look however we want. Unfortunately that is simply not the case, and appearance matters a great deal, especially when it comes to first impressions. So before you go on your date make sure you clean yourself up. Shave or trim your bear, fix up your hair, dress nicely for wherever you are going. You want to look the best you possibly can so that you can leave a positive, lasting impression.

2. Do not lay on the romance too thick. With all the movies out there making it seem like romance is some big affair, it can be troublesome. What you have to keep in mind is that before you can become lovers, you have to first become friends. So treat it as such. Get to know her and befriend her, and if you can hit it off as friends, then you can try to take it to the next stage.

3. Conversation is a huge factor in any relationship. People are not mind readers and unless you tell them, they wont know. So being a poor conversationalist can present a lot of problems for anyone trying to date. The main thing about conversations is that it is a give and take, if you never say anything, or never stop saying things, it is a bad thing. Make sure to give her a chance to speak, but also speak your piece as well.

4. One of the biggest bits of advice you can have is to always be a gentleman. Women love a man with confidence, but also kindness. They do not want you to throw your coat over a puddle for them, or treat them as inferior. They want you to treat them fairly and with respect. If you plan on having relationships work out, then you need to remember to be a true man and always hold yourself with high integrity.