Relationship Stories

Relationship Stories

Relationship Stories

Like all books, relationship stories don’t always have happy endings. Even if fairy tales have their happily-ever-after finale, they had to go through hell to achieve that.

Real relationship stories have their own villains. Break ups, separation and divorce hound every commitment, making life miserable for those with the weakest of hearts. But this does not mean that all relationships are doomed. In fact, if couples would solve all issues together, happy endings are very much achievable.

Most songs are actually relationship stories. That is why people who are in a commitment or are trying to get out of one, feel that they can relate to all the songs on the radio. But no matter how extraordinary you think your relationship is, it is just one of the many relationship stories that people talk about.

There are no real experts on love. Even if you earned dozens of recognitions in school, you won’t get to use all those when you are in a relationship. Geniuses will never make more stupid decisions than when they are in love. Too many relationship stories tell us about smart people defying logic. And this all-too-familiar scene proves that love is a very powerful thing.

If you feel that your commitment is not heading where it should be, you can do soul-searching and look for answers, ask family and friends for advice, or you can read up on books. The “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” will probably point you to the right direction.

If you have been reading relationship stories all your life, and have never met love in person, you can either put an ad in the paper, or you can read “Dating for Dummies”. With this book, you may not have to be single and available for long.

The best relationship stories are those from one’s single years. Not that marriage is boring, but dating does not have with the same commitment and responsibilities that marriage has. “The Everything Dating Book” will make your single days as worthwhile as they should be.

If finding your perfect partner is so hard, you can stop looking and read up on “Falling in Love for All the Right Reasons: How to Find Your Soul Mate”. And probably soon enough, people might be reading up on your very own relationship stories.

People who are going through difficult times with their partners can lock themselves up in their room and wail till they grow hoarse. But they can console themselves with the fact that a million others are going through the same thing — or much worse. A failed relationship is not the end of the world. Instead, it could be the start of a better one.