online dating Precautionary Measures

online dating Precautionary Measures

´╗┐online dating Precautionary Measures

The idea of online dating sounds interesting and very welcome in the modern.It’s just sitting at the comfort of your desk with a computer and there you are the world is open for you. It is not without its dangers. More and more cases of sex pests, pedophiles and many other otherwise social evils are reported on daily basis.

Before developing intimacy with someone you meet on the internet, you may be forced to rethink your moves and the necessary precaution you need to take so that you don’t become a victim of situations .rethink about your moves, situations and the other options available. It may occur to you that the person may be married already, looking for some extra fun on the side; in this kind of a situation you only end up feeling wasted and disappointed for having wasted your feelings on people who have no space for you legally in their lives. With intentions of varying nature, women all over are running scams against men. They pretend to be attracted to them and ask for financial favors. They disappear the moment their financial desire is quenched.

The person you are chatting could be anything you can imagine .There are all sorts of online scammers. remember, you don’t know them personally! Single mothers have become victims of pedophiles on the net who they meet online in the name of dating and end up messing their families.All this has been been heavily published and in the local and international dailies. Needless to say we have all heard of the rampant cases of date rapes and even kidnappings occurring when people meet strangers they thought they knew well from the internet. With people like this lurking everywhere on the internet, it is imperative that users be aware of measures to avert possible dangers. Some of these measures include:

1)Listen carefully to your instinct. if your your conscious is clear go on, otherwise stop and forget the whole issue.your instinct is always right you can not go wrong this way.
2) Take your time before giving your mobile no. and residential addresses.

3) Meet in public places,where you find so many people such that in case of anything you can control the situation or raise an alarm

4) Do not give your personal contact details e.g. telephone numbers (even cellphone numbers), addresses etc. With todays technology finding somebody through a phone number is a matter of only a few clicks over a period of several seconds.

5) Learn some self defense skills. You might be accosted physically and these will come in handy.

6) Do not talk about your kids online, post their pictures or divulge any information about them, say for example what school they attend and the likes.

7) When going out on a date for the with someone you met online, ensure that you meet in a public place at a “safe”