It Started With A Click

It Started With A Click

It Started With A Click

Just at the time when the stress from her day job started to make Rosalind Gardner ill she first got interested in making money through an Internet business. In her own words she describes her early ventures as “just playing” yet within two years she quit her day job and is now earning over $400,000 a year.

How did she do it?

It all started with a click.

One evening in 1997 Rosalind was just playing on the Internet when a banner ad for “One and Only” dating service caught her attention. What was so interesting about it was that it was offering webmasters a chance to make money with their web sites. She felt compelled to find out more. What she didn’t know then was that this was just the first step in to a new career that would change her life forever.

She found out that what was on offer was a commission for any webmaster who could refer a paying customers to “One and Only”. Today this kind of scheme is commonly called an “affiliate program”. These schemes enable anyone to create a business promoting the products or services of a company. What make them so attractive is that there is no need to develop a product and get involved with stock, shipment or customer service.

After signing up to the program on offer Rosalind set about designing her own web site. Keeping the content simple, direct and honest she wrote a review of the dating service so visitors to her web site could quickly understand all that was involved – the benefits and special features but also the pitfalls. Keeping the review honest, she felt, would help build trust between her and her visitors. Also, as people would know all that’s on offer, those who clicked through to the dating service would be most likely to sign up and earn Rosalind a commission.

The enterprise worked and today Rosalind Gardner is one of the most successful Internet marketers around. She has become a legend in the field of affiliate marketing and is a popular speaker at industry events. In addition she has become a writer and consultant on affiliate marketing, her articles appearing all over the Internet.

Pretty amazing considering that her highest education was two years in college and she admits “I had zero business experience when I started out. Nothing.. Nada. All I had was the desire to become my own boss, and huge motivation to make some big money.”

And it all started with a click.

Your Internet business adventure could start with a click too. See to find out how.