How to Powerfully Invoke Intensity in Your Relationship – The Mystery behind Sending Mixed Signals.

How to Powerfully Invoke Intensity in Your Relationship – The Mystery behind Sending Mixed Signals.

How to Powerfully Invoke Intensity in Your Relationship – The Mystery behind Sending Mixed Signals.

If you think being steady and uniform in your behavior, will keep your woman happy, think again. By being unvarying and regular, you are merely telling her how good a husband and a father you might be! Now that is definitely a premature signal, during your dating days, because you are truly giving the wrong signal at the wrong time. To invoke intensity and fervor in your relationship, secret lies in being unpredictable. Never let the cat out of the bag, as to your true intentions. Because normal is boring, in dating terms.

Here are some purposeful confusing signals:

• Be a wizard with numbers – narrate her cell number beginning backwards! Ensure she knows your numbers too. But surprise surprise! Pretend to have forgotten her contact details, ask for it again.

• Act distant and unapproachable on a date. Look through her at times, without being rude or impolite. Pretend your mind is somewhere else.

• Women love to be surprised. Appear suddenly at places and times, when she least expects you. Give a bear hug, kiss her, when she is least prepared, and then move on to do something else completely different.

• Compliment her on her dress that day, only to change your opinion later. Basic idea is to appear inconsistent.

• Sometimes do things which she least expects you to do. Like going for a kid film together or dining at a restaurant, which she did not even know existed. Outbid her assumptions at every step.

Such conflicting and inconsistent behavioral traits stimulate a woman, and display your erratic and mercurial temperament. But let’s not do this too frequently, or she might get the impression that you are some sort of loony that she has landed up with. Act a little mad, but not totally mad. So that you emerge as an otherwise dependable and trustworthy companion.

The secret behind creating magic in any dating relationship is generating a healthy blend of contradictions. Acting close as well as distant, being decisive as well as vacillating, getting romantic and suddenly playing aloof, all goes to create those magical moments, we all yearn for. Playing hide and seek so to speak, will help you not only attract women but keep them consistently attracted. The best example that comes to my mind is a tight-rope walker in a circus arena. He is extremely careful on that rope while walking, neither too fast nor too slow, because either way he falls down. If you watch closely he appears inconsistent while walking, but look closer, there is a method in his madness.

Similarly, if you have tried to walk with a cup of hot coffee brimming up to the edges, you try and adjust your pace, to prevent it from splashing over your arm. You do not walk at a uniform pace; you keep adjusting it all the way till you reach your destination. Your inconsistency in the dating game, acts very much the same way, keeping the cup of passion full, without any spillage, till you reach your determined goal.