How To Handle A Scorpio Relationship

How To Handle A Scorpio Relationship

How To Handle A Scorpio Relationship

A Scorpio relationship is often one that is hot and fiery and some people have trouble knowing how to handle that. There will be a lot of passion and spontaneity in a Scorpio relationship. If you have started dating a Scorpio you should always expect the unexpected and you may want to find out a bit more about this sign so you know what might lie ahead.

A Scorpio relationship is absolutely amazing – when it is going well. But if a Scorpio relationship isn’t going so good it can be absolutely awful. Scorpios tend to go to one extreme or the other; there is very little middle ground with this type of person.

Scorpio’s tend to view the world with extreme views and find things will be either fantastic or devastating; there is very rarely an okay or something in the middle. Even the language used by a Scorpio is a little extreme, for example if it is raining outside they wouldn’t likely just say ‘it’s raining outside’, they are more likely to say something like ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ or ‘it’s pouring buckets’. They are usually quite descriptive rather than just giving the basic facts.

Scorpios have quite acute senses and this is why their behaviors and languages are often to an extreme. They are particularly acute in their view of other people and may notice little flaws that most people wouldn’t even notice. They can also be quite critical of others but at the same time they are also likely to notice good points that other people wouldn’t notice.

You may have to accept that you will be receiving criticism or compliments quite often if you are dating a Scorpio. They will see all your flaws and they will see all your good points. You might even find that they exaggerate both the good and bad points and make them seem even better or worse than they actually are.

If you do something really good then a Scorpio will react like it’s the best thing anyone has ever done. If you do something wrong then they may blow that right out of proportion and overreact to the situation. Although there isn’t much you can do about a Scorpio who bounces from one extreme to another, but when you are aware that they do that then you will expect it and not take it too seriously.

The tendency toward extremes can actually make a relationship great and very exciting. Your partner may treat you like you are the best thing since sliced bread and as long as the relationship is going well you will be treated like royalty.

But when something goes wrong in the relationship a Scorpio can make things very difficult and this is when dating a Scorpio becomes hard. But just as you enjoy the good extremes you will need to handle the bad extremes.

You might find with a Scorpio that they can change extremes very quickly. One minute they are happy and enjoying themselves and the next minute they are sad and depressed. The changes from one extreme to another can happen in the blink of an eye.

The Scorpio extremes will also affect your relationship intimately. When everything is going well you can have the best sex you’ve ever had with a Scorpio but then there will be times when it will be at the other end of the spectrum and be terrible.

You will find though that Scorpios do like a spicy sex life and will tend to be quite adventurous. This can be very beneficial for you if you are prepared to be a little adventurous yourself and be ready for the unexpected in the bedroom.

When you are in a Scorpio relationship you can be assured that the relationship will never be boring!