Dating Etiquette

Dating Etiquette

Dating Etiquette

When you go on a date there are certain things and
ways you should behave. Of course you want the person
to get to know you so you shouldn’t try and be someone
that you are not.

When you go out on a date you should look and dress
nice. This will show the other person you care about
your appearance but you also care about what they
think about you. If you don’t care about what the
other person thinks then you probably shouldn’t be
going out on a date with them.

Depending on the person you are taking out you should
also remember to open the car doors and all doors for
your date.

If the woman you are going out with is a feminist,
then let her open the doors and do things for herself
or it will bother her. She also will want to pay for
her own meal.

If you are not going on a date with an independent
woman who is a feminist then you should open the
doors, be on time when you pick her up, and be
prepared to pay for the entire date.

Don’t take your date somewhere you cannot afford and
never find yourself asking your date for money to
cover the bill.

Dating etiquette also includes not making the other
person feel as if they are on an interview. It is
common for people on a date to ask many questions and
they just want to get to know the other person.

However, don’t make them feel as if they are on an
interview or you might scare them off. Be sure to
create a comfortable atmosphere.