Breaking Up – The Easy Way

Breaking Up – The Easy Way

Breaking Up – The Easy Way

Relationships are based on trust, love and
understanding. But, in many cases, after a long
time this disappear and the couple argue more and
more. They can’t understand anymore and feel
that everything that the other is making is wrong.
This usually happens because the partners have
tired one of each other, there is nothing
interesting in the relationship any more, or just
one of them decided that they want to be with
somebody else.

You have a relationship for a long time and you
feel that it is enough and you want something
different, or just to be alone with your friends
like before, but you don’t know how to ended in a
easy way. Or maybe you are dating with a girl for
some time and you feel bored and know that is not
the girl for you and you want to break up with
her. If you don’t want to tell her in the face
that it’s over because you know she will cry
begging you to stay with her because she loves
you, you should try the following things that
will make her consider that is the best to break
up with you.

Show no interest in her anymore. Pretend that you
are very busy, you have a lot of work to do and
you don’t have time to go see her today, maybe
tomorrow but no for sure. Show her that you have
more interesting things to do that meeting her.

Don’t call her so often that you did before. You’
ll see that she will call you every day to see
what are you doing and why are you upset on her,
but after a while she will see that you don’t
care about her anymore.

Lie to her. If you tell her lies and she catch
you she’ll definitely go upset because there is
no woman that likes to be lied to. Especially if
you say that you are at work and she sees you
with your friends.

Upset her when you dating her. Even if she is
very happy to see you because she didn’t saw you
for a long time make sure that you make only
things that you know she don’t like while you are
at meeting with her. For example, look after
other women when you are with her.

Be late at the date. No one likes to wait after
somebody especially girls after boys. If you are
late once maybe she will understand you because
anyone can happen, but if you make this a habit
she will feel hurt because you don’t have a piece
of respect for her.

Also, if you want to break up with her not
telling in the face, and don’t want to upset and
hurt her making all this things, you can try to
send her a message on the telephone telling her
that you consider that is no worth to stay
together anymore or that you need a break, you
miss your old friends with who you go out before
meeting her. You need a space to go out with your

She will get a little upset but finally she will
understand that you don’t want to continue
anymore and she will not have the opportunity to
beg and implore you to stay with her.

In a relationship this can happen anytime if you
don’t know to take care of it, to make always
with your partner more and more interesting
things to not interfile routine, because you will
feel bored one of each other and there aren’t
many chances to make this work again. But, if
this really happens to break up with your partner
you have the opportunity to choose on which way
you are going to do it.