Birth Order And Dating Prevailing Theories And Stereotypes

Birth Order And Dating Prevailing Theories And Stereotypes

´╗┐Birth Order And Dating-Prevailing Theories And Stereotypes

I’m not totally sure that I even believe a relatively new theory that claims to help you find your best romantic match just based on where you were born in your family. This birth order and dating theory is interesting though.

But, the idea that birth order and dating somehow go together and can help you determine who a good match will be for you based on their birth order, may be a fun theory to test.

There are some people who theorize that, for example, two people who were each the first born of their respective family’s would not make a good match.

The idea is that since both of them were the first born they are both used to having things their way and as a result they would be in conflict and have almost constant power struggles.

It does seem possible that this scenario could hold some validity. But I also think it relies too much generalization. I know someone who was the oldest and in no way is she what I would consider the “alpha child”.

I don’t see any evidence that she is used to getting her own way or that she is a control freak.

She is actually rather timid and seems like she would actually be shy and introverted. On the surface, that seems to blow the theory apart.

I guess that is my main gripe about the prevailing theories about birth order: this method relies on a lot of stereotypes.

I don’t believe it’s true that every first born is in control or used to getting their own way and needs to control and I don’t believe that everyone who is the baby is spoiled and petulant.

True, many people may adhere to these stereotypes, but not everyone will. For that reason these theories may be fun and interesting but I sure don’t think you should run away from your partner just because they were born in the wrong order!

Another theory is that people who didn’t have a sibling of the opposite sex will have trouble in relationships because they don’t know how to relate to the opposite sex.

Again, interesting theory but not sure I agree. Though my marriage did fail and I have all sisters, I also know several people whose marriages failed and everyone of them had siblings of the opposite sex.

So even though they had opposite sex siblings apparently that did nothing to improve their relationships, we all ended up divorced!

If you fall in love with someone who is a lot like you it is a narcissistic relationship… you are basically falling in love with yourself.

But isn’t this just a case of finding someone you are compatible with? I thought compatibility was supposed to be a good thing.

Now it sounds like my stable loving relationship is only because I’m a narcissist! Hmmm.

Anyway, this type of theory on relationship does, in my opinion, prove one thing; none of us really know what the heck is going on when it comes to relationships.

I think this stuff can be fun but I sure wouldn’t give the theory of birth order and dating much time and I sure wouldn’t worry about it when I’m looking for someone to date.