Advice For Average Guys Dating Beautiful Women

Advice For Average Guys Dating Beautiful Women

´╗┐Advice For Average Guys Dating Beautiful Women

Have you asked a beautiful woman out on a date and are still in shock that she accepted? Men often put beautiful women on a pedestal which can make it a challenge for an ‘average’ guy to date one.

Dating beautiful women can really boost the ego of a man. He will be beaming with pride when he walks down the street with this beautiful woman by his side. Not only does he get an ego boost but he will also look pretty impressive to other guys. Dating a beautiful woman will also make the guy more desirable to other women.

An attractive woman can probably date any man she likes, even rich, powerful men. Because they are so appealing to men for their beauty they often develop some back habits that may make them less desirable as a long term partner. Many beautiful women are vain, manipulative and high maintenance.

If you aren’t very wealthy and you are fairly average looking then it can be very challenging to date a beautiful woman. Here is some advice for dating beautiful women.

1. Stand out from the crowd. Beautiful women have men fawning over them all the time and they probably all look the same to her, so to get her attention you need to be different from the rest.

2. Don’t treat her like a goddess – every other man is doing this so this is just average to her. You can differentiate yourself by not treating her like she is a goddess but act indifferently to her as though you aren’t even attracted to her looks. It is the guys that appear not to be interested that she will want – this goes along the lines of people always wanting what they can’t have. By ignoring her you are giving her a challenge that she will respond to.

3. Pay more attention to her ‘plain Jane’ friend. A beautiful woman won’t understand why you would prefer her plain friend over her and she will get quite jealous. She won’t want her friend getting all the attention and she will begin to flirt with you to win over your attention.

4. Instead of giving her compliments, tease her. Most other men will shower her with compliments, which she probably expects and is probably quite mundane to her now. If you light-heartedly tease her about any flaws then this is a different approach from what she is use to and she will respond well to that.

5. Don’t just look at her outer beauty but also focus on her inner beauty. Don’t spend all night staring at her like she is a goddess but instead show that you are interested in her as a person. Ask her questions about her life, her interests and hobbies. She will respond well to a man that she knows is interested in her as a person and not just for her beauty.

6. Don’t call her too soon. Most men will probably call her the next day and she may even expect that. Wait a couple of days before calling her and she will respect you for it because you have impressed her so far with the above tips and now you are showing her even more that you are not desperate and just after her for her beauty.

7. Don’t try to get her into bed on the first date. Of course you are sexually attracted to her and most likely all men she dates try to get her into bed straight away. By playing a little hard to get will spike her interest in you and also reinforce the fact that you like her as a person and not just a sex object.

You should remember that beauty is only skin deep and although it is great to date beautiful women, ultimately you also want a woman who is beautiful on the inside too. Take the time to get to know this woman and you may have found yourself a beautiful woman inside and out.