8 Rules for a Successful Date

8 Rules for a Successful Date

8 Rules for a Successful Date

Dating is a necessary part of finding the perfect
match for you. Its a selection process, that
needs to be followed with some type of an idea of
how to handle yourself.

The easiest way to meet women is to be
approachable and make new friends. This way you
will meet more people and some of them might have
female friends they will set you up with. You
will be exposed to new places and activities,
which might lead to meeting women.

There are guys that know how to date, guys that
haven’t dated in years, or others that has never
been successful with women. Whatever the case,
they all should follow some common rules for to
have a successful date.

Finally you have a date with the beautiful girl
you look after for some good time and she never
seen you before. But, the miracle happened and
you have the chance to meet her and impress her
at a date. So, to not fail in you date watch out
these important dating rules.

1. Try to look your best and be punctual on dates.
Get your hygiene and stiling sorted out. Most
women prefer smartly dressed guys. Not over the
top, at the height of fashion, but cleanly turned
out in suitable clothes. So your appearance can
be vital.

Never be late for a date unless you have a very
good reason. Women don’t like to be kept waiting
even less for a man .

2. Sort out your job if is one you are proud of
and get your knowledge levels up. Most women love
a guy to show that he can be in charge. So you
should have every little detail taken care of and
organized. It shows that you are capable, and
attentive, qualities much sought after in a
potential mate.

3. Pay attention to her. Be interested , stop
talking and start listening. You are on a date
with her to get to know each other, use that time
effectively, to find out as much about each other
as possible. Give her your undivided attention.
Ask about her, show interest in her. Everyone
loves to talk about themselves, her included.
Allow her to talk, and then listen. This is one
of the greatest compliments you can give another
person. Also you should watch the details,
nothing shows better that you are a sensitive,
caring man that try all to make her feel
comfortable on date.

4. Flatter and compliment your date on the way
she look and how she is dressed. She made a lot
of effort for to look wonderful on your date. So,
it’s good for her to hear that she looks good and
is beautiful.

5. Have fun when dating to create a happy
atmosphere so your partner to not get bored. It
is very important that she feel good so maybe you
will get a second date.

6. Don’t be rude or get drunk on a date. Courtesy
and manners will get you everywhere.

7. Never date a married person because she would
not leave her husband for you and you will be for
her just a shoulder to cry on. This types of
date are based only on lies.

8. Be confident. Confidence can open many doors
for you. When you are confident she will have
more trust in you and your abilities.

The most importing thing at all on date is to be
your self. Thats because after the date there
will be ordinary days to come and it have never
paid to play someone youre not on the date. The
best thing to do is to show the other person
right from the beginning what kind of man you are
or it will never work.